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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 10, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PST

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the christmas photos. we asked you to send in the christmas pictures. here is wayne applegate . this is coming from janice lily, horse and husband gave santa and mrs. clause a ride in a locall christmas parade. the reign - reindeer and sleigh had a day off. >> tweet them to us at folks friends first at fox we'll show them every day until christmas. "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. i hope you had a wonderful weekend. today is monday december 10th. i am gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time. a co10 team member killed this
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morning rescuing a doctor who was in afghanistan. >> they pranked kate middleton's hospital and the nurse that put them through is now dead. the dee jay break their silence. >> nothing can make me feel worse. we are so sorry this happened to them. >> more from the pair straight ahead on monday. >> he's cursed the united states and now psy is performing at the white house. should the president have pulled the plug on this character? "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ "fox and friends". >> steve: welcome to studio e and ho, ho, ho. the elves has been here and it looks like christmas. >> gretchen: i can't believe you went shop wrapping all of
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the gifts. you have so many skills i was not aware of >> chris: they are all empty and we saved the dough. >> brian: what these things. they are fine. >> gretchen: they're acrylic balls. >> steve: they are set pieces and like aquarium. >> gretchen: someone came in here and probably was sent a picture and decided how to customize. >> steve: we should see where marth stewart was late yesterday. it looks like someone did flocking had here. >> brian: i wouldn't be surprised if we didn't find out who was responsible. >> gretchen: maybe they will be secret for secret santa. we have to get to headlines that are not the best of the news. a navy seal killed in afghanistan, died in a risky mission to rescue a doctor and
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two colleagues abouted by the taliban. he was member of the seal team 6. there are many questions about what dr. joseph was doing in a dangerous place. his employer said they are committed to continuing the work in afghanistan. mexican-american singer jenny rivera was killed when her private jet crashed in music. > gretchen: her plane disappeared after taking off from monterey, mexico. authorities say everyone on board died. no word on what caused the crash. >> it is a shock to the family and incredible that most of the people who knew my sister, she was a very strong person and fights for everything in
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life. >> gretchen: the 43 year old superstar sold 15 million record and starred in a reality show called i love jenny. she leaves behind five children. she was only 43. a republican on the short list of secretary of defense. nebraska senator chuck hagel considered to replace panet a. he opposed with the iraq surge and traveled with then candidate obama on a trip. he called for a slow and painful death for soldiers and american familis and psy still performed for the president. ♪ ♪
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>> gretchen: he gained fame for the christmas in washington special. many are outraged like the mothers of the navy seals. >> performing for the president is disgusting. how do we choose those role models. he should be on a terrorist watch list. it is disgusting to me. >> gretchen: that mother's son mark allenley lee was the first navy seal killed in iraq. it is interesting when you find out things about people when they are famous. that dance craze took over the world. >> steve: i am surprised mr. psy didn't say let me explain what i was talking about. >> gretchen: he did apologize. >> steve: but nonetheless they didn't pull the plug. >> brian: kill their daughters and kill them slowlyy and
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smash the model of the american tank and called for our men. what do they teach in south korea schools. we are protected them. the checks we right every day to protect them on the dmz line on a daily basis to allow their democracy to flourish, to me this is the niche, niche, niche of all south koreas to feel this way. i would like to find out how americans are treated in the history class. >> gretchen: what else is interesting, one of the first groups of people to honor doing the gang style dance was members of the military . they were having fun and showed the video they create they were not aware of the comments. >> steve: i would like to think he is an aberration in south korea. >> brian: if you are doing the
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dance, stop. i call for a -- >> gretchen: i tried to get you to do the bump on friday. i don't know if still will. >> brian: find out who core grapped the bump. while you were sleeping dee jays offered tearful apologiys for the prarching that ended with a nurse committing suicide. >> hi, brian . thank you so much. mel grig and michael christian have been in hiding since the prank call ended with the death of the nurse. they duped the nurses into i thinking that queen lizz liz was on the phone. the nurse that put that call through was later found death, reportedly took her own life, speaking out for the first time. dee jays were dev devastated.
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>> it is weird that something like this could be possible to happen. we couldn't see this happening for a prank call. >> from start to finish no harm intend happened and obvious he, you know, we are incredibly sorry for the harm that we felt contributed. >> the australia hospital called them five times to warn them before they aired the prank call and the hospital should have done about the nurse's fragile state. the radio station will cooperate with an investigation. back to you guys in the studio. >> gretchen: such a tragic story. >> brian: there are prank calls . that was not a vicious call. that clearly just a call out to be fun and never thought they would get through and
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horrible accents and sadly put through . the nurse takes her job very seriously . did something tragic. >> gretchen: and a major public embarrassment and we read the blogs on what they say about us. >> brian: we wouldn't leave a suicide note. just read the e-mail. it is not a good idea for the radio station spokesperson to question the metropolitanal stability of the nurse. she is no longer with us. >> steve: we'll see what happens. meanwhile in this country when the president arrive in detroitt, he will talk about the battle between governor rick snyder and labor unions. michigan is set to be a right to work state. kelley? >> good morning steve, brian and gretchen.
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when he speak in michigan today. president obama will be stepping in the middle of i awe heated debate between unions and those who want to make michigan a right to work state. >> hundreds of union workers responding to the republican legislatures push to make michigan the 20th right to work state in the nation. gop lawmakers are expected to pass it. governor rick snyder once called the legislation divisive is backing the plan. >> this is somely focused on their relationship. shouldn't they have an opportunity to belong or not? it is good for economic development for more jobs coming to michigan. >> union workers disagree and argue that mish mishh was built on unions and clam that the gop majority legislature
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is attacking the middle class. >> it is important. they will try to reconcile the bills and the governor who didn't want the legislation is signing. we'll not stand for it >> over the weekend they continued to prepare members for staging demonstrations against did the measure. if the vote goes through, it will hurt organized labor but governor snyder said it is not about hurting unions but seeing it as proworker legislation. president obama will comment on this issue when he speaks to autoworkers about the fiscal cliff . this is fresh on the heels of his first private meeting with johnn boehner on the fiscal cliff subject. they met in the white house to discuss the differing plans and the communication lines between the two remain open. that could be a positive look
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since we are just three weeks away from the fiscal cliff. >> brian: we know nothing about what happened. >> gretchen: it is great. you get both sides saying he said this and she said. in this case both hings. we are hearing from the two men. when taxpayer money paid for bowles and simpson to come together to try to figure out what to do with the debsituation. that's what they came up with . a republican and democrat and sat together and this is the way washington was set up to work. theirr findings were ignored by the president and other members of congress . now they are speaking out. listen closely to the first sound bite. this is bowles, a democrat talking about the need for spending cuts. >> most important thing if we are going to raise ref new and
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raise it in any form we darn well better cut spending it is the biggest part of the problem . the biggest part of that problem is the health care is growing at a faster rate than gdp. >> when you have responsible leaders like this saying it would help the democrats more if it goes over the cliff and republicans saying it would help republicans go off of the cliff and the saying it would help the president to go off of the cliff. that is like betting your country. there is something bizarre and juvenile about that to think that your party comes ahead of your count rye. >> steve: they are on the same page. if they are going to get a rez lusionn in washington by the end of the year, as statute dictates. they have to come up with something this week. >> brian: we have a lot of
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information coming. josh brentt out of jail after his teammate kimed in a crash. >> gretchen: friends like these, who kneads enemies. blames on the wars in afghanistan. next . you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more pcessed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself.
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share "you owe me..." share "just right." the share everything plan. sharable data across 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. get a droid razr m by motorola for $49.99. >>teve: this is probably going to bug you, people of afghanistan are supposed to be allies, right. >> brian: not according to their president karzai. listen. >> policies coming to us from terrorism and the taliban. it is partly coming to us from the structures that nato and traded in afghanistan.
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>> brian: our time and mon yesacrifices are a waste? >> steve: joining us is the army veteran for america. good morning to you. president karzai is blaming united states and nato for violence and corruption in afghanistan. he sounds a little >> yes, it is a nice posen pill to look at. i was in afghanistan and he would say similar statements like that. we sacrifice 3000 personnel and money over a decade of war and blood sweat and tears it is ungrateful in many real ways especially because he is talking to nbc. he is a master of both audience. you got to believe he knows how unpopular the war is . he's trying to gain leverage.
3:19 am
it doesn't make it right. >> brian: let's be honest he will end up in london. he will get out of the office . he's going to take the money from us and go live a curby life style with that being his legacy. >> first of all he said he will stay in afghanistan. that guy will vote with his feet. watch in 2014 where karzai. unlike in compound . he would have half mile of security. he talk about corruption. this guy took more money than anybody else. there is corruption and fueled by outside money we cut off the aid, you will not see much affect on the afghan because the government is enriching themselves. it makes the statements infuriating. >> remember a couple of years ago how his brother was running the heroin trade over
3:20 am
there. >> it is a family trade . in many way in afghanistan being in power is getting all of the thing that is enrich you while in power. he's looking . every time you look at every layer in afghanistan. i don't know if it is bargaining for detainees or night raids it is another reason to look for popular in afghanistan by slapping the people who put him in power. he walked in in 2001 and without them would be a nobody. >> brian: he really changed for the worse when president obama took over. an initial lack of trust that is never repaired. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> steve: 20 minutes after the top of the hour. they want cheap government house they are not taking no for an worry and going after the police trying to keep the peace.
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>> quick headlines for you right now at the top of the hour. james hol mes expected to be in court today. first look we have to get at holmes. he wased with 24 counts of attempted murder .
3:25 am
former president george herbert walker bush is in the hoital but condition is improving. we wish him the best. >> brian: dallas cowboy defensive lineman josh brent out of jail on a half million dollars bond. he was charged in a drunk driving incident that killed his teammate jerry brown. >> gretchen: because he is famous are the courts trying to set an example. here is a look at the courtroom battle ahead. you are a defense attorney. what was the bail supposed to have been set? >> the purpose of bail to make sure he will come back. he is recognizable figure . he's not average size or weight . it is not easy for him to sneak around. it is one of his dear, dear friends that was killed and so the presumption is he will not
3:26 am
run can anywhere. half million is like murder bail or something high. his defense attorney said you should have taken a zero off and it should have been $50,000. >> gretchen: he did kill somebody. >> but the trend in united states of america unlike 10 years ago. if you kill somebody and you are behind the wheel with a dwi. it is treated not as intentional murder but one rung under that. he's facing jail time not 60 but years in jail. >> brian: would the average person be out in a similar situation if they were regular citizens. >> between $ep i to $100,000. >> brian: you are treated more seriously if you are a person of statue. >> and financial resources. the judge said he has the
3:27 am
money to get a private jet and get this and resources to make him flee if that is what he chooses to do. the judge said $50,000 or $100,000. either way he's getting out but i am setting the tone and table. >> gretchen: what about thinking about the victim. >> that's what he spoke about was the victim and if you saw brian -- you are more of a sports fans. one the players broke down and crying . they were hugging and it a tragedy all the way around the so many examples nationwide, you just can't do it, drinkk and drive, it doesn't matter who you are. >> brian: nfl a players union have a card in the pocket and free ride home and anywhere in
3:28 am
the country, call this number and they pick you up for free. no one else has that. >> it say luxy but you should have a friend or cousin and they are driving feraries with no seat knelts. it is a death trap. >> gretchen: for all of people who lost loved ones, i don't think they care about the bail. >> i agree they don't care. make sure it doesn't happen anymore. >> brian: thank you so much. straight ahead. look at me. these twins separated at birth met by chance. this incredible story. >> gretchen: big evaluate airline secrets and revealing the pet peeves is us the customer. >> brian: happy birthday to actress emanuel cherokee who
3:29 am
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3:33 am
sisters separated from birth in china it is against the one of the girls was given up for adoption. they share mannerisms and they were married in the same year. the husband has the same first name. >> steve: and they dress alike. >> gretchen: what a fantastic story. the rest of the headlines ttook over 50 years for the murderer of a 7 year old to b brought to justice. jack mccullah will be sentenced for the murder. it is one of the oldest unsolved crimes. he was dismissed as a suspect but arrested last year after the investigation reopened. >> steve: meanwhile a 22 year old woman in oregon jumped in her car and drove off after two kids tried to rob her at gun point.
3:34 am
the boys later to be found 7 and 11 years old. demanded money and her phone. >> i was afraid he would shoot my tires or window. i didn't think i was safe. >> brian: the boys were caught and turns out the gun was not loaded it is not known how they got the gun. they were turned over to their familis and the case is expected to go to jv court. >> brian: two students are accused of bringing brownies laced with marijuana in case and making the professor and class mate in sick. the student was arrest sent to jail. they are charged with control substance. they could face prison time for that prank. >> gretchen: it is the rest of the show.
3:35 am
make brian. okay. >> brian: you talk a lot in the break. there is gretchen on camera. >> gretchen: that's the way you are going to look. >> brian: this is how william wakes up. >> gretchen: keep it going and you will disappear off of the screen. moving on. police in columbus, ohio using pepper tray - on spray. 2000 people showed up to try to get in the subsidized town homes and that's the word there. subsidized. they were fighting over the applications . the apartment complex turned everyone away and several people were treated for minor injuries. coming up on winter. making for dangerous
3:36 am
conditions and waking up to tons of snow. blizzard-like conditions in minnesota and wisconsin . in minnesota over a foot of snow has already fallen. meanwhile quickly let's go to the maps and find out where it is snowing. it is moving through portions of new england it is a cold front and got rain all the way through portions of new england and west virginia and central portions of the tennessee valley and behind it colder air at the map. rapid city. it is only 23 . 31 in chicago . meanwhile in front of the front, 40s and 50s and 60s . right now in atlanta 61 degrees . how much will it warm up today. freezing in kansas city and below freezing in minneapolis . 60 in raleigh durham .
3:37 am
in new orleans temperatures are 70s. >> brian: we'll try our best to get over what happened this weekend. beginning with the men's soccer finals in the college cup. indiana against georgetown and there is the only goal of the game. beating georgetown 1-nothing . in is the eighth national championship. for georgetown never got past the sweet 16. the of the feem was outstanding. let's move to the other football. congratulations to georgetown. david wilson, this guy unbelievable for the new york giants. top pick. he set an all-time record . 52-twen was the final. go to ben roethlisberger, coming off of injury. big catch.
3:38 am
mike wallace no realationn to chris. the chargers go on to win 34-24. that's what happened with the sports. big upset with the vikings and home of the bears. >> steve:-> chris wallace did you watch his power player, his dog. what a moving tribute. winston. what a life that had . a hole in their heart now he passed. >> gretchen: sorry i missed it. on a lighter note. what do airline workers think about the rest of us . have you ever done this to a flight attendant. apparently they do that when they want the flight attendant's attention. that is hated happen when people fly and are rude. 92 they looked and talked to 700 airline employees in 85 country, hey, i could use a coke over here . people trying to get off of
3:39 am
the plane before the pilot gives the okay . stuffing too much in the overhead and charging to checked bags. you can understand it. on both sides of the aisle. >> brian: what bothers me, people ame as i am waiting in the back in the head. really they finally realize they have to go get their bag while you are ready to go for 10 empties. you can't cut across that person. >> steve: you are talking about getting off. that's what you get getting off of the plane. >> brian: when you sign up late they put you whatever. >> gretchen: you need a velium before you get off of the plan. alec baldwin is right. >> brian: electronic devices can't interfere with anything electronic on the plane. we should be able to use
3:40 am
electronics. he should be able to play words with friends >> chris:-> it is the law. >> brian: they are about to change the law. >> gretchen: they are. >> brian: yeah. >> gretchen: you want to be on the airplane where 200 people are gabbing about nothingness and you have to sit there and listen to it. >> brian: i am on doing that on the train. >> gretchen: you don't go in the quiet car? >> brian: there is no quiet car. >> steve: there is a loud car and loudder car. >> gretchen: i thought it a quiet car all of these years. >> brian: you got to break the rules. >> gretchen: that's the quiet car theory. >> brian: i have to go over my think thibs to do. >> gretchen: is there still on a bar car. >> brian: you take a beer in the inside pocket. >> gretchen: you told me about the bar car. gretchen make sure you get
3:41 am
your ticket in the bar car. >> brian: you are talking about amtrak >> chris: what bothers you about what fellow passengers do? >> brian: does it bother you that gretchen's husband makes up stories. it is a made up story. >> gretchen: i love you and miss you. >> brian: he's in the quiet car and can't answer back. >> gretchen: he can text me. million in taxpayer dollars spent on free lunch to hurricane sandy. meals went to kids even if their homes were not damaged. everyone got the free meal. >> steve: kids did in the new york school . tax on gasoline if the president gets his way. who would be hurt most? find out next. ♪ ♪
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>> brian: edkoch expected to be released from the medical center. he has been there for new mon yampt and tiger woods using the hefty divorce settlement to rebuild a beach front mansion. she was proudly flying the swedish flag. she was out clubbing over the weekend and no one recognized her. >> steve: thanks, brian. the election is over and what is next on the president's plate? possibly a new tax to carbon emission. michigan congressman and chairman . house and congress committee fred upton. >> good to be here.
3:46 am
>> steve: i thought we tried to pass it and it didn't work out. the house under speaker pelosi passed it five and the senate couldn't get it done and it died. >> steve: how could this possibly come to pass? >> it seems as those who think maybe if a republican and we'll go along with it if it come the republicans. it is not coming from the republicans. we'll do our best to make sure it is not a mole to pop up again. >> steve: for people who don't understand the carbon tax. producers of things that go up in the sky have to pay extra. >> that's right. every consume yer businesses pay more . so as we are just beginning to come out of the recession. my state michigan 38 consectative monthses of unemployment it is another incentive to move those jobs
3:47 am
somewhere else and we would pay a higher costs and none of the rest of the world would. talk about a bad idea. exxon mobile and shell are behind this, because it would kill off coal. >> it is not a serious effort on their part. i don't know if they had discussions with the white house. i sat down with the exxon folks and let it be known it is not a proposal under speaker boehner will come through in the house. >> steve: you won reelection in michigan and the president of the united states is going to michigan today. >> not my district. >> steve: not yourr district. but your state is poised to be the 24th right to work state in the united states of which you like. >> it is a state issue. indiana did it under governor mitch daniels and had job growth and we have to compete
3:48 am
and my district on on the state line and we have to compete. can and i talked to our governor last night and frankly sort of a deal that was in place that the unions would not be supporting collective bargaining as a constitutional amendment in return for the business community not pushing for right to work. unions pushed hard for the syrup proposal . the governor raised 30 million against it and it was defeat now the shoe is on the other foot. the state luth our will likely pass legislation making michigan the 24th right to work state. >> steve: there is no stopping it. >> they will try to not let them in to vote and remember in texas and oklahoma. they are going to try to stop it. but in the end of the day. the governor said he would sign it and he was clear in a
3:49 am
conference call last night. >> steve: congressman fred upton from michigan. 12 minutes before the top of the hour. millions feedingid accuse in the name of sandy. but the free meals went to all of the kid and not just the ones impacted by the hurricane. donald trump is not a supporter of pesident obama but why anawonter to france. mr. trump here to explain shortly. ♪ ♪ why is it that the most impressive technology often comes with a set of equally impressive instructions ? shouldn't something that's truly advanced, not need much explanation at all ? with the nokia lumia 822 on verizon,
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>> gretchen: 52 minutes after the top of the hour. who ever said there is no such thing with a free lunch dined with uncle sam. they are giving out free lunches in the name of hurricane relief. but many kids were not affected by super storm sandy at all. joining us is joanna rutherford who is still displaced from hurricane sandy out of her home. >> thank you. >> gretchen: thanks for being our guest. it is my understanding this was set up for kids displaced from hurricane sandy. members of congress said let's give lunch for free. on the face sounds like a good idea. your child goes to school and he got free lunch. what did you think. >> at this time i don't have a
3:54 am
home to live in . the little bit of money i am saving is great. every day it is a communicate to -commute to bring him to school. it is great. >> gretchen: you are displace can't get in your home yet and living with another family member. you are a member of the pta. >> yes. >> you have a say as a member of the pta. when did you find out it was not only displaced sandy kids. but all new york kids. >> i found out yesterday and i read anarticle in the new york post and saw it was for all of the kids. why would all of the kid in the new york city need it? not everyoneected by hurricane sandy. staten island was hard hit and parts of queens hard hit and some parts of new jersey. >> gretchen: what is the most
3:55 am
ups íáing part to you. what was your gut instinct? >> why are children tting it that shouldn't. parents can afford to give children their lunchh. >> this is what kristin gillebrand said. we just opened it up for all kids. you i can see that from a certain point of view . with all of the forms and who was displace what was not. you think there could have been a easier process. >> they know each child that was affected. this child gets a free lunchh and this doesn't. that's how they should do it. >> gretchen: they are saying that the storm will cost the american taxpayer $60 billion. is this a waste of the money. >> i think it should go to
3:56 am
families who need it i am not getting anything. my homeowners and flood insurance is not giving me anything. they are just giving rental assistance. it should just go to families. >> gretchen: we are looking at pictures of devastation and you are one of so many people who went through the horrible storm and we wish you the best. >> thank you very much. >> gretchen: coming up on "fox and friends". remember the controversial groundd ground mosque? it is not working out that way. could we have been lied to all along. we'll update you. donald trump said ana winter should be hired as an ambassador and why he joins her in two minutes. [ malennouncer ] it's tt time of year again.
3:57 am
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>> gretchen: hey, good morning everyone. it's monday, december 12, 20120. i'm gretchen carlson. did you hear about the daring rescue of american doctor leaving a navy seal dead? so what was that doctor actually doing in afghanistan where it happened? the brand-new details coming up. >> brian: breaking their silence, the dj's who made a prank call leading to the suicide of a nurse. they're now talking. >> if we had any idea that something like this could have been even possible to happen, you know, we couldn't see this happening. meant to be a prank call. >> brian: who is to blame for this scenario? we'll report and you will decide. >> steve: meanwhile, if you paid taxes, you helped bail out aig. now they want to pay you back. how? they're going to get help from china. donald trump has been talk being
4:01 am
china for years and joins us on that topic and so many more. "fox & friends" hour two for monday coming to us immediately. >> steve: you can tell that it's just two weeks before christmas because look at hour set. the elves have been in here. >> brian: yes. >> gretchen: all right! >> steve: beautiful. >> brian: we want to give credit to the elves. marlene designs. they're back with is set. we've upgraded. >> steve: it's really beautiful i. got an e-mail who said the only thing you're missing is an elf on the shelf. >> brian: that's the new rage a. lot of grandmas don't know about elf on the shelf they have to take a quick course because it's relatively new. it's very exciting to see a child question a grandma about the elf on the shelf. >> gretchen: and exciting to see
4:02 am
a child weigh neighborhood friend who doesn't know with it and at our house over the weekend touched the elf, which is a big no-no. you take away the magic and the elf did not then move for one of the days because once the magic is sort of tarnished. but you know where tended up the next morning? in the christmas tree. >> brian: i made a mistake in telling the story when elves were elves when we were children, i had one and my german shepherd ate my and left my brother's elf. with the new rules, that is a traumatic experience, so i should not have relayed that story. >> steve: i'm please will he depressed. >> gretchen: you are never -- >> brian: i told the story and -- >> steve: your house went to elf. >> gretchen: somehow you -- i mentioned this before and i know they'll producers will say e oh, no, not again. you should write a a book. just about his stories.
4:03 am
>> brian: the elf that can no longer talk. >> steve: donald trump will join us in two minutes. right now we have headlines four. >> gretchen: on a serious note a navy seal has been killed in afghanistan. he died during a risky mission to rescue a doctor and two colleagues kidnapped by the taliban. the service member who died was member seal team 6. that was the same unit that killed osama bin laden. there are many questions now about what the doctor was actual will he doing in such a dangerous place. his employer, morning star development in colorado springs, says despite the tragedy, they're continued to continuing the work in afghanistan. the radio djs behind the royal hoax speaking out for the first time. last week they called the hospital in the united kingdom where kate middleton was being treated for among sickness. they duped the nurses into thinking they were queen elizabeth and the king, which doesn't exist, that they were on the phone. a nurse who put the call through to kate's private nurse took her
4:04 am
own life. this morning the d.j.'s offering an emotional apology. >> if we had any idea that something like this could have been even possible to happen, you know, we couldn't see this happening. it was meant to be a prank call. >> from start to finish, there was no harm intended. and obviously, you know, we're incredibly sorry for the harm that we may have helped contribute. >> gretchen: australian police plan to interview the d.j.'s. the radio says it will cooperate with the investigation. more sad news, mexican american singer jenny rivera has been killed had her private jet crashed in mexico. ♪ her plane disappeared after taking off from monterey, mexico, where she performed saturday night. authorities say everyone on board died. no word on what caused the
4:05 am
crash. >> such a big shock to the families. incredible. something that most people that know my sister, she was a very strong person. she fight for everything in life. >> gretchen: the 43-year-old superstar sold more than 15 million records. she won numerous awards and starred in her own reality show called "i love jenny." she leaves behind five children, just 43. it's all pray and no play. the controversial ground zero mosque is an empty space with no community program. dozens of worshipers gather for prayer services, but that's pretty much the only activity in the building aside from a small martial arts class. >> brian: by the way, the guys also in arrears on rent and conn-ed is suing for back payments. so he's in a world of trouble. what a shame. >> steve: no kidding. >> gretchen: maybe he could better some money from donald trump who joins us on the phone.
4:06 am
>> brian: do you want to finance him? >> no, i don't think it's appropriate use of the site. a lot of people don't. in the arab world, when they have victory, they like to build a mosque at that site. it's very strongly out there. i think this is a terrible idea. it shouldn't be done. and let's see what happens. but it certain israeli not what they projected either, without the community center, that's a lot different deal. >> brian: they owe hundreds of dollars in back taxes. >> steve: speaking of let's see what happens, the pick cliff is looming. it sounds like the president and mr. boehner met face-to-face yesterday. if you read the "washington post" and "wall street journal," they say it sounds like mr. boehner will cave perhaps on tax rate increases. they've got to come up with revenue. but maybe up the rate. what do you think on that? >> i think it would be a mistake right now. i think it has to be a comprehensive plan, totally complete and final and you should do it once.
4:07 am
you know what the republicans do have is they have debt ceiling coming up in a month. that's going to be brutal. that's a tremendous chip. they should make everything, do everything now and get the country back on gear because the country is really missing. the unemployment report was not good. the real report was not good. and we're not getting there. you look at other china, they're again moving. they thought it was going to have a recession. and it's not only not a recession, it turned out that they were mistaking. it was misleading information. so they're booming. you look at what's happening to us. they really have to make a complete and comprehensive and final deal and they should do it now. >> gretchen: because what you're talking about is so smart. the comprehensiveness of it because if you just raise taxes, we've shown time and time again that that only gets us through the federal government for eight days. then you got another kind of fiscal cliff looming. do you believe that behind closed doors yesterday that the
4:08 am
president actually seriously talked about spending cuts? >> i think he is serious about that. i think everyone knows they have to have spending cuts to go along with whatever is going to a. we should make the kind of deal and the kind of comprehensive deal that is going to get our credit rating back. we're not rated credit wise. they're talk being lowering it again. we should make a deal that will almost immediately get back our credit rating that. should almost be the standard. they know what that standard is down to the penny. that's the kind of a deal we should make. we should get our great credit rating back again. >> brian: just real quick, 'cause tonight talk about what china is don't, but rich lowry says the president wants gop humiliation and that's what's haul behind the 35 to 39% for the upper tax rate. do you see that? >> i'm not sure if it's for that purpose and maybe he believe it is and did he win an election, so you have to give him a lot of credit for that. the republicans, for whatever reason, they didn't resonate with the people. that's for sure.
4:09 am
and he won an election. i don't see it that way. he wants to get what he wants to get. the republicans have men of negotiating strength. maybe they even have the upper hand. i've been hearing everyone says the president has the upper hand. i think maybe the republicans in a certain way do because they have the debt ceiling coming up. they should use that and they should use it very strongly. >> steve: i'm sure there is going to be some wheeling and dealing. >> but i'd use it now and get this thing done. not just we'll delay for another month two months. i'd get it done. use it now. use all your power now and make a final deal. >> steve: the mirror is running as we can see there. as brian alluded to, dollar couple of stories that china is involved in today and i know you railed against them for years. first of all, aig, which the big insurance company which we bailed out for $182 billion, apparently is going to sell to an investor group in china, 90% of their airplane leasing unit for something like $5.3 billion.
4:10 am
it would have to get regulatory approval, but are you okay with that? >> well, look, it's called free enterprise. it's called lots of things. when you say i rail against china, i respect china greatly. i do a lot of business with them. the biggest bank in the world is in one miff buildings as a tenant. and i sell many, many apartments to chinese people and so i have great respect for china. i have such respect for their leaders because they are running china properly. we're not running our country. we're losing our life blood to china and other countries. but in particular to china. now, they've taken our money and now they're bringing the money back and buying our companies. that's going to happen more and more because they are loaded up to the gills and we're a debtor nation. so unless we get very smart, chinese leaders are outsmarting our leaders by a factor of 100. unless we get smart, you'll see more and more of this and then they're going to get into certain kinds of countries.
4:11 am
this company is a little dangerous because you're talking about owning airplanes like by the numbers that you wouldn't believe. we're talking about massive planes, massive technology and massive number of planes. so do i like it? no. anything is going to be done about it? probably not because this country, our country, doesn't have the money to play the game. >> brian: i would think we should -- there are certain times we have stepped in. i hope we step in, if you feel sensitive technology in our airplanes could be up for grabs. i don't think we should allow that. i think you agree, donald, they might be running their country like a good company, but they don't care about human rights. they don't care about personal growth. they care all about the end product. they treat their people like row botts. >> by the way, they don't care about the environment either. they're spewing garbage into the air, more than anybody. their factories are us did gusting. they make that's wind mill which is are killing people. they make these factories and they're among the dirtiest
4:12 am
factories in the world and spewing all kinds of crap and nobody mentions it. >> brian: with hurricane sandy, there is this influx of sheetrock from china which is pure crap. >> yeah. >> brian: we have no identify how to -- idea how to identify it and now homes are built with shoddy product from china. >> gretchen: i got to get you to this 'cause don't want to run out of time before we talk about the fact that guess what, you and i agree on something this morning. sometimes we do, sometimes we don't. anna winter, who runs vogue magazine, she's been a big bundler for president obama, looks like he could possibly rumorville, put her up as the united kingdom ambassador or to france. i don't have a problem with this because to me, am bat dorships in some cases, are favors backed by both political favors to people who raised a lot of money for them. you also don't have a problem with it? >> i don't view it as a favor. i know she was very much for thy
4:13 am
helpful. but i don't -- i think this is a favor to the country. she's very capable person, a very good friend of my wife and mine burks a very, very fine person. and she's tough and she's smart and she gets it and she really understands in particular, i would say, when you get over to england and britain and that's her territory, she would run it so well, she would do things that i think nobody else could do in that position. this has nothing to do with the fact that i like her. this has to do with the fact that she's very competent. she has done an amazing job at vogue for a long time. amazing job. like no other. you hear all these magazines going bad, you see new york magazine, which is a terrible magazine and so many others, they're terrible. look at the job she's done at vogue. it's been absolutely amazing and i think that she would be an amazing choice. i think she would be truly a great ambassador. >> steve: she dresses nice and knows how things work over there because her father was a
4:14 am
newspaperman. >> absolutely. >> steve: in the united kingdom. have a great week. we'll see you next monday. >> okay. >> steve: thank you. >> gretchen: teach an american exceptionalism to school kids is a fine idea burks don't call it that. >> brian: then when susan rice's directions were called into question, it was racist. but allen west was asked, it was legitimate. is there a double standard hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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>> steve: why don't republicans, some republicans want susan rice to be the next secretary of state replacing hillary clinton? in the past, top democrats claimed she's only being criticized because she's black. >> you know, these are code words. that's kinds of terms, those of us, especially those of white house have born and raised in the south, we are hear these words and phrases all of our lives and we get insulted by them. susan rice is as competent as
4:18 am
anybody you will find. she was wrong for doing it. but don't call her incompetent. that is something totally different. >> steve: is that really the case? here to comment is senior fellow at the hoover institution, victor davis hanson. pleasure to have you. thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. >> steve: what do you think of that? >> sharon rice wasn't on tv shortly after the benghazi attack, and not just declared u about emphatically declared that it was a result of spontaneous demonstration. i think all america as they saw her say that, couldn't believe it. people don't bring povertyars to demonstrations. >> steve: absolutely. you would think that traditionally, that would be enough to disqualify her u about the white house seems indents on pushing her and now say republicans who criticize her are doing it because she's black and a woman. >> we haven't had a white male secretary of state in 15 years. not since the incompetent mr. christopher was secretary of state. that is part of a larger landscape that i'm worried about because since 2009, we thought we had gone beyond race.
4:19 am
but if you look at comments people are making offhandedly, everybody from samuel l. jackson to the reverend joseph lowery said white people belong in hell and just lately jamie fox joked about shooting white people, morgan freeman, it's almost as if there has been an outpouring of racial separatism and hostility. it's not a good climate. >> steve: when colin powell was secretary of state and when he was criticized, nobody came back and said, well you're doing that because of the color of his skin. same thing with condoleeza rice, when she was excoriated by senator barbara boxer. >> and gonzalez, same thing. attorney general. so there is not just race, but it's race and the ideology and politics. why are people doing it? because it gives them a political edge and people are afraid to call them on it. >> steve: doesn't it seem like just one side is using that? >> it is. and that's what the irony is because the democratic party was supposed to be the party that transcended race. this was a post-racial
4:20 am
president. we woke up in 2009 and all of a sudden, the color of your sequin rather than content of your character has become important. >> steve: indeed. victor davis hanson, thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. >> steve: next up, on this monday, worst loan ever. one scoot district borrowed $100 million. now it owes $100 billion. how did that happen? then the president says raising taxes on the rich is the answer, but has he ever heard about california? stuart varney here with a remind were for the president as we roll on live from new york city you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam?
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4:24 am
>> gretchen: 23 minutes after the top of the hour. time for news by the numbers. there is the christmas tree. first, 17 million bucks. that's how much billionaire warren buffet's firm could get in a dividend payment from the "washington post." the post paying the money now to spare investors from possible tax increases. that's interesting. next, 47.7 million. that's how many people were on food stamps in september. reaching another unfortunate high. that's 600,000 more than the month before. finally, $1 billion. that's how much the school district in san diego will have to pay back on its $100 million loan. more than 200 california school districts are in the same boat. not good news. brian?
4:25 am
>> brian: the president says we must tax the rich because it raises revenues. well, california just voted for a massive tax hike last month and already revenues are up. no, no, they are down $800 million. stuart varney is here. stewart, you have a simple explanation to why that is. >> the moral of the story is this: if you raise taxes, people adjust their financial behavior. you raise taxes on the rich, and they will either move or avoid that higher tax rate. and there is a lesson here for president obama. you look down the road, you raise taxes on the reach on a national level, and you won't bring in all the money you thought you were going to bring in. >> brian: what if it's coupled with cuts? >> that makes no difference. that makes no difference whatsoever. forget this fiscal cliff deal. the moral is, you raise tax rates and down goes tax revenue. look at what happened in britain. this raised the top tax rate to 50% and two-thirds of the millionaires disappeared in the next tax year. same things are happening in france.
4:26 am
people are leaving. the top tax rate of 75%. same thing had in maryland a few years ago. new millionaires tax. they disappeared. exactly the same thing in california. >> brian: they went to pennsylvania and california. now texas. >> you avoid a high, what they consider a high tax rate. you want to take more money off them, but when you try do it, you don't get more money off them. >> brian: are you disturbed at all, 'cause i know you're a numbers guy, that it seems as though republicans from senator cork tore coburn to coal, seem to be saying, all right, just raise the rate. give the president his trophy so we can get to real cuts, would that bother you? >> yes, it would bother me because this is a spending problem. not a tax problem. if you just give in and pay the higher tax rates or vote for higher tax rates, doesn't mean to say you're going to do anything for the deficit. a bad policy. but looked at strictly economically, forget the politics here, forget fiscal cliff, forget negotiations. you just look economically,
4:27 am
raise taxes, you don't get all the money you think you are going to bring in. >> brian: real quick, kevin mccarthy, one of the young guns, was on "metropolitan the press" and said, good news. revenues are up 10%. that's because we seem to be turning around economically. here is the bad news, spending is up 16%. why? he's trying to explain to a very reluctant david gregory, why should we consider raising tax when is clearly the revenue is up, but the spending is up higher? >> the president wants to raise tax rates on people making more than 250,000. he thinks that will bring in $82 billion in one year. the experience of california and other countries is that you will not bring in $82 billion. you bring in less. >> brian: sadly, it's just about getting a trophy and saying i told you i would do it. >> that's the politics of it. >> brian: varney and company might want to pick this up at 9:20 eastern time. >> always take your advice. >> brian: i'll put it in writing. >> thank you. >> brian: three minutes before the bottom of the hour. daring rescue of an american
4:28 am
doctor in afghanistan leaves a navy seal dead. the question is, what was that doctor doing in such a dangerous place anyway? the brand-new details coming up. then find the annoying signs, what irritates you when you travel? your e-mails are pouring in. we'll read them and nod along with you this holiday, share everything.
4:29 am
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4:32 am
>> brian: time for your shot of the day. this is channeled letter and cooper osborne. they have marshalled autopsy great effort in colorado to raise money for sandy victims. trying to rebuild, so everyone that donated money would sign this poster and then they took the money, $620, and mailed it to the red cross and then what they did is rolled it up -- >> steve: how long is that? about three feet long? >> brian: let's see. everybody that gave money in colorado in that area -- >> gretchen: that's longer than three feet. i'm 5' 3. >> brian: they all have nice phrases on there, stay strong, god bless you. you're in our prayers. >> steve: trust. it will be okay. >> brian: yeah. this is fantastic. colorado springs cares. so everyone in the new york, new jersey area. >> gretchen: that's fantastic. that's at least --
4:33 am
>> brian: kids are doing it. which is amazing. >> gretchen: $620? >> brian: over to the red cross. >> steve: from kids, that's great. every little bit helps. hey, good morning to you. >> gretchen: hi there. >> steve: how are you? >> gretchen: what are we talking about? >> we've sad story to tell you about over the weekend. you may have heard there was an american doctor who had been captured by the taliban five days ago and was being held in a particularly dangerous part of afghanistan. this doctor from colorado was rescued over the weekend, but in this raid and the raid was conducted by seal team 6, one of the members of seal team 6 died over the weekend from injuries that were sustained during that raid. this is a picture right here of that doctor who lived in colorado. dr. joseph is his name. he was working for an organization out of colorado called morning star development. they basically send doctors and other people out into rural parts of afghanistan to try to help people and provide them with medical care. but this is yet another story about seal team 6 going in to
4:34 am
rescue american civilians or civilians or in places that some are saying they shouldn't be at all. a member of seal team 6 losing his life. >> brian: i want to find out, was he okay to go in this area? was security given to him? were they i don't have come? if they're just winging it, they got to realize there is ramifications to this. we have to put our elite guys into that area and get him out? >> you may remember this, from earlier this year, there was an american woman, a missionary who was in somalia and she had been there and held captive by some somali rebels there and she had been held for five months. then seal team 6 went in successfully rescuing her and some of her colleagues. so you have a history of these people going in very dangerous places and they would say this is what we do. we go there to help people. we're missionary, we're doctors, we're whatever. we've all heard of doctors without borders. so they do do some excellent work, but it's putting the lives of our guys on the line when we
4:35 am
go and rescue them. >> steve: for instance n mexico, it's almost a cottage industry where people will take wealthy businessmen hostage and wait fort money. why was this guy taken hostage? for money or send a message? >> we don't know yet. the organization is clear and said we did not pay any kind of ransom. they don't want tone courage other people to be kidnapped. >> gretchen: the taliban doesn't usually need an excuse to take an american hostage. the fact that he was an american could be enough. >> brian: whether they want money back or exchange. these are the same seal team 6 guys, some which have are recently retired, that were asked to cooperate with a movie and do other things and at the same time, those who did things on their own are now being pursued legally because people don't want them doing things on their own and telling about their expertise or cooperating. so there was a big article that they're going after seal team 6 people. but at the same time, they ask them to extract people in
4:36 am
afghanistan. >> earlier i know that pete from concerned veterans for america, we asked him later about his take on american civilians going into these dangerous places and they needed to be rescued. let's listen to what he had to say about that. >> yes and no. yes, it is because someone else is going to have to come get them. no, because many of them will tell you this is -- i'm doing this knowing i may not get rescued. the problem is, you can say that but then when a man from colorado is in the clutches of the taliban, the united states government feels the obligation to do it. i think this doctor would probably tell you, i didn't have an expectation the seals could come get me. at the same time, our us government feels that obligation. >> that is the thing that every american knows. as a reporter, i've been to iraq and sudan, dangerous places and you know if you get kidnapped or at least the sense that it gives awe lot of security knowing that someone from the american military is somehow going to come get you eventually. >> steve: if anybody can get you
4:37 am
out of a jam, it's those guys. >> that's for sure. so sorry to hear of the loss of this man. his identity has not been released yet. >> steve: thank you very much. other headlines on this monday morning. dallas cowboys defensive lineman josh presents released from jail on half a million dollars bail. brent charged with intoxication manslaughter following the saturday morning crash that killed his teammate, jerry brown. earlier on "fox & friends," our legal expert explained brent is facing serious complications. >> you kill somebody and you're behind the wheel, dwi, whether you strike a pedestrian or kill someone in your car, it is basically treated not as intentional murder, but kind of just that he is definitely facing real jail time. not 60 days, not 90 days. years in jail. >> steve: and he's not getting special treatment either. he says because of his fame and money, he likely received a higher bail. >> brian: republican on the
4:38 am
short list of the secretary of defense, former nebraska senator chuck hagel is reportedly being considered to replace leon panetta. he could present obstacles. he's not a typical republican when it comes to foreign policy. before he left in 2009, he owe positived the iraq war, and traveled with then candidate obama on a trip to afghanistan and iraq. he was wrong about the surge. >> gretchen: 22-year-old woman in oregon jumped in her car and drove off after two kids allegedly tried robbing her at gun point in a church parking lot. she says the boys, now get this, they were 7 and 11 years old. demanded money and her phone. >> i was afraid when i drove away, that he was going to shoot my tire or shoot my window or something. i didn't think that i was very safe. >> gretchen: the boys were later caught and turns out the gun was loaded. it's not known how they got it. because of their age, they were turned over to their families. the case expected to go through juvenile court.
4:39 am
>> steve: this is a story we told but before. schools debating whether or not they should include american exceptionalism as part of the curriculum. well, in nebraska, students in grade 6 through 8 will learn about american exceptionalism, only it won't be called that. the board of education approved teaching the, quote, creation and organization of the american government and what has made it successful. so they'll do it. they just won't call it that. >> brian: let's take a look at what happened some of the best moments. let's pick some of the moments in the nfl. european version of football. indiana, huge win over georgetown. another national championship. they beat georgetown 1-0. their eighth championship. congratulations to georgetown. best rookie moves as we switch to football, david wilson. he fumbled earlier in the year. then all of a sudden, he thought, i think i can run this back all the way.
4:40 am
97 yards. he'd have three touchdowns on the day. he would have more yards than anybody else in giant history and lead the giants to a victory over the not so mighty saints. three theroux -- throw under duress, ben roethlisberger. final score 34-24. chargers upset the steelers. that's a quick look at what's happening in the world of sports. >> gretchen: earlier we were talking about the top five gripes that airline workers have about us, the passengers when we come on the airplane. i'm sure it works both ways. so let's go through first the top hated habits of passengers. according to the airline workers, when you snap your fingers. do you do do that? snap your fingers at somebody for attention. that might upset many. if you try to get off the plane before the pilot says it's okay.
4:41 am
remember they say y'all hear the bell and they stop and people are getting up into the overhead bins. >> steve: and in the overhead bins, if you stuff too much stuff in there, that bugs them, complaining about the lack of space. and talking through the safety demonstration, that really bugs the 700 airline employees who are interviewed across 85 different countries. >> brian: let's turn the tables. what bugs you about them? one says, what bothers you about your fellow passengers? these are people riding with you. i'm annoyed when as soon as the plane door opens, people in the back push their way up to the aisle instead of waiting their turn. >> steve: that does bug you. >> gretchen: jennifer in texas, people taking off their shoes and putting their feet up on the armrest of the seat in front of them. do they think they are -- i hope they had socks on. >> steve: not necessarily. >> gretchen: put your feet in loafers, they don't smell very well. >> steve: and from steve, when you get to your seat and the
4:42 am
overhead is already full. >> gretchen: you e-mailed that? >> steve: yes, i did. when i'm going to my seat, first open space, that's where my bag goes. regardless of where it is. >> gretchen: oh, oh,. >> brian: jen told me about a strategy. you never met her. she's one of our producers. she says that a lot of people, sounds like her, put their luggage up top if they're in the back of the plane. this way they can go all the way up and just have to grab it and have the door right there. >> steve: that's what i do. >> brian: that's not right. >> steve: why? >> brian: that doesn't belong to you. you belong in the space above your head. that's it. >> gretchen: can i say the s word? that's supposed to be their luggage bin. >> steve: what happens is if they've already seated first class, right? and you're -- i don't fly first class. i go way to the back -- and if there is something open there, i'll put my back there. if it's open, why not? it's not like it's designated luggage space right above you.
4:43 am
times are tough space wise. >> brian: if aid choice, i would take private jet. >> steve: me, too! >> brian: i would much rather have that. >> steve: can you afford that? >> brian: no. >> steve: me neither. >> gretchen: but you could use your jet pack. and eventually you're going to be able to go -- >> brian: and go 1,000 feet. >> gretchen: you'll be able to go down from here to florida in no time. >> brian: i just couldn't believe in california they bought all those jet packs and yet they're in financial -- >> gretchen: no, no, they didn't. >> brian: you sure they didn't? >> gretchen: positively. >> steve: 17 minutes before the top of the hour on this monday, would you believe this? high school students graduating with a fifth grade education? high school students. some schools just let it happen. our next guest explains why. >> gretchen: then this isn't photo shopped. it was a monkey doing the ikea? more importantly, what does he have on?
4:44 am
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>> steve: quick headlines now from the control room. more bad news for the surviving son of bernie madoff. andrew madoff is awaiting tests to confirm nears that his cancer has returned. he was first diagnosed with lymphoma in 2003. this news comes right before tomorrow's fourth anniversary of his father, bernie madoff's, arrest. and not only was a monkey loose in an ikea in canada, but he was doing it in style. the monkey wearing a coat and diaper apparently got loose from a crate in his owner's car. he wandered around the parking lot and made it inside the store before being caught by animal services. that is crazy.
4:48 am
gretch? >> gretchen: all right. on a different note, something else that some people think is crazy. not only are students from lower income families more likely to drop out of school, they're also more likely to leave high school with an inferior education, unfortunately. in some cases, as low as fifth grade and the schools are going along with that? professor caleb is an ajunk professor and former public school teacher and written an interesting column in the "wall street journal." good morning to you. >> good morning, gretchen. it's a real treat to be able to talk about our kids on national tv. thank you very much. >> gretchen: thank you so much for being my guest. let's talk a little bit about your experience when you were a public school teacher in these types of communities. you say that on average, kids showed up what, two, three days a week maybe? >> only 10% of my children over the two years i taught math in an inner city school in dc came more than three days a week on average out of the five.
4:49 am
half come two days a week or less. so it's almost impossible to master a subject like mathematics where you build on what you learned and each rule builds to a new one. it's remarkable, frankly, that only 68% of my children failed the courses because there were much lower percentage that showed up more than three days a week. >> gretchen: typically what happens is when they fail these course examines they have to go to a summer program that has a ing outlar name, but you say, is a double whammy negative because they go to the summer program, but what does it actually do? >> just to be technically accurate, there is summer school, which has many of the same problems as the credit recovery program i'm talking about, gretchen. but the credit recovery actual israeli after school, they have them come in after school for a number of weeks and sort of pretend to take the course, pretend to show up and then certify them as having passed the course without having taken a mastery test. so i would be teaching precalculus to 1th grade who
4:50 am
had taken credit recovery for algebra because they failed that, algebra 2, and geometry, and they were about the fifth grade level, maybe fourth grade level coming in 'cause i would test them to find their grade level. they didn't belong in precalculus, but had been told they passed, which is a great disservice to them. >> gretchen: so what is the end result here, professor, because if these kids actually graduated from high school, they're obviously not at the 12th grade level. what does this say about our public school system, specifically in washington? >> it says i'm sorry to say, that we're running a fraud and we have to tell the taxpayers, as one of my children said when i tried to hand out homework one day, no, doc, ain't nobody be learning nothing today. there is very little learning going on in a school where children, who are smart, know they can game the system and get their credit from credit recovery. so they don't bother to come. they don't work much when they're there. this is 60, 70% of the kids whose attendance and effort is
4:51 am
really quite minimal. but they know they'll end up getting the credit through what's called credit recovery courses. what would you do if you're told you don't have to show up to work in the morning, but you can show up late in the day and they'll give you credit for showing up? i wouldn't be talking to you right now at 7:50 in the morning. >> gretchen: i'm glad we had a chance to chat about t. unfortunately it's a negative story that we hope will improve. thanks for your thoughts. >> it's a pleasure to be with you. >> gretchen: want your died think you're cool? there is a way. pro skateboarder here to explain. in 1988, "look away" by chicago. number one! yep ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] campbell's green bean casserole. it's amazing what soup can do
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4:54 am
>> steve: welcome back. let's talk about this dance craze that's been sweeping the planet called gangam style where it's as if you're riding an invisible horse and you have a lasso. >> brian: it's genius. >> steve: it's made that man right there, south korean star,
4:55 am
psy, very, very rich. and very, very popular that. would explain why he was invited to the christmas in washington special that was taped over the weekend, which is extraordinary considering the fact that he has said some stupid stuff about the united states of america. >> gretchen: nobody knew about that. friday on this show, steve and i learned thousand do this dancing with wonderful senior citizens out in arizona because they were getting into it for good exercise. people don't know what he had said. >> brian: let me tell you what this character put out during the iraq war, i guess he wasn't for it. this is what makes me think he wasn't for it. he says, kill their blanking yankees. kill them who have been torturing iraqis. kill their daughters. kill them all slowly and painfully. then he also smashed a model of a u.s. tank. these will are just some of the excerpts of his beliefs about american or foreign policy as relates to the war. >> steve: as soon as that came out, it's like wait a minute, you can't invite him to this
4:56 am
white house event. in fact, for a little while on white, there was a petition saying, you got to uninvite him. so what does he do? he apologized. he said in part, quote, while i'm grateful for the freedom to express one's self, i have learned there are limits to what language is appropriate. goes on, i will be forever sorry for any pain i have caused anyone by those words. you know what? >> brian: like him and his pocketbook. >> steve: now that he's a big star, he's taking it back because he wants to continue to make a lot of money on that thing. and had he not been invited to the white house, i bet he he would not be doing any apologizing. >> brian: just think about this, how could you be any prominent south korean and not be thankful to the americans for what we've done for that country that, country would not exist without america. for him to say those brutal words back in mid 2000, i think is inexcusable. should have been canceled. >> gretchen: not only that, but it's mostly americans probably
4:57 am
buying his music. so we've he contributed to him becoming very rich. coming up on "fox & friends," a law allowing our government to eavesdrop on your phone calls set to expire this month. sounds like a good thing? maybe not. >> steve: want your kids to finally think you're cool? there is a way. pro skateboard legend tony hawk here to explain. all you got to do is open your wallet. be right back. there's the sign to the bullpen.
4:58 am
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>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. it's monday, december 10, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your day with us today. it was a daring rescue of an american doctor leaving a navy seal dead. so what was the doctor doing in afghanistan? the brand-new details coming your way. >> steve: and breaking their silence, the d.j.'s who made that prank call to kate middleton's hospital lead to go perhaps the suicide of a nurse.
5:01 am
d.j.'s are now talking. >> it was never meant to go that far. it was meant to be a silly little prank that so many people have done before. this wasn't meant to happen. >> steve: are they really to blame? we report. you decide. >> brian: last few times joining us on "fox & friends," it hasn't gone too well for me. but i'm willing to put all that behind me. i also will be kind of easy on him because he's retired now and well past his prime. shaq will be here live and there is no sound in the green room. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> it's pretradition minimum co- have a and did she pet trionym co- have a and you're wrong "fox & friends." >> gretchen: your second wife. >> brian: could i tell you something i was hoping? i was hoping that she would change. she'd have a chip on her
5:02 am
shoulder v an arrogance and someone get caught up in the hollywood thing in the middle of new york. didn't happen. >> gretchen: she's so nice. >> brian: she's really so nice. >> steve: that's so refreshing because we kind of met her on the way up and then she has gotten very, very famous. >> brian: remember how nice i was. i got caught up in my fame. >> gretchen: the last time i checked your head still fit through the bare. >> steve: barely. got to spray pam on both sides. >> brian: i'm doing dr. keith ablow on this. >> gretchen: you'll be featured on normal or not? >> brian: yes. >> gretchen: i always fear that i'm going to be the one reading it 'cause the question always is, am i normal or nice? >> brian: right. >> gretchen: you never know -- >> brian: as the head opens and things for out. >> gretchen: exactly. and people write in and go, yeah, you are. let's get to your headlines. we have a sad story to tell you about. a navy seal has been killed in afghanistan. he died during a risky mission to rescue a doctor and two
5:03 am
colleagues. they were kidnapped by the taliban. the service member who died was a member of seal team 6. as you remember, that's the same unit that killed osama bin laden. there are many questions about what dr. joseph was doing in such a dangerous place. >> he would probably tell you, i didn't have an expectation the seals would come get me. at the same time, our u.s. government feels that obligation. >> gretchen: so the doctor's employer, morning star development in colorado springs, says despite the tragedy, it's committed to continuing its humanitarian work in afghanistan. mexican american singer jenny rivera killed when her private jet crashed in mexico. ♪ her plane disappeared after taking off from monterey, mexico, where she performed saturday night. authorities say everyone on board the plane did die. no word on what caused that
5:04 am
crash. >> such a big shock to the family. it's incredible, something that most of you people that know my sister, she was a very strong person. she fight for everything in life. >> gretchen: the 43-year-old superstar sold more than 15 million records. she won numerous awards. she starred in her own reality show "i love jenny" and she leaves behind five children at just 43. dallas cowboys defensive lineman josh presents released from jail, charged with intoxication manslaughter following a car crash that killed his own teammate, jerry brown. earlier on "fox & friends," lawyer arthur explained how serious the consequences are. >> if you kill somebody and you're behind the wheel, dwi, whether you strike a pedestrian or you kill someone in your car, it is basically treated not as intentional murder, but kind of just one rung under that. he's definitely facing real jail
5:05 am
time. not 60 days, not 90 days. years in jail. >> gretchen: he also said because of brent's fame and money, he likely received that half million dollars higher bail. they had never met before. total strangers kept misstayinging them for each other action so that led one of the women to track down the other. they discovered they were twin sisters separated at birth 24 years ago in china. it's against the law to have more than one child, so one of the girls was given up for adoption. they say they share the same mannerisms and personalities and get this, they were married in the same year and their husbands have the same first name. congratulations to finally hooking up with your sibling. >> steve: all those coincidences. hence the story. >> brian: i sense a reality show just around the corner. >> steve: you think so? it was last tuesday when in australia, they played a hoax they had done, two dj's, they called the hospital where kate
5:06 am
middleton, the duchess, was staying with terrible morning sickness. extraordinarily, they were patched through. then we found out on friday that the nurse who patched them through apparently committed suicide. now the d.j.'s are doing their best to say they're real sorry. listen to them. >> if we had any idea that something like this could be even be possible it happen, we couldn't see this happening. it was meant to be a prank call. >> from start to finish, there was no harm intended and obviously, you know, we're incredibly sorry for the harm that we may have helped contribute. >> steve: they're really sorry now because it sounds like they've been canceled. the radio station has suspended all pranks and they're doing a review as the london police actually contact their company to figure out if they have broken any laws. >> brian: they suspended themselves, i heard. so far the station is standing behind them because they went to their lawyers and said they tried five different a times to
5:07 am
call the hospital and say, can we air this? >> gretchen: they had a lawyer actually listen to the call. >> brian: what do you have? >> steve: two hours ago, the two dj's, quote, will not return to the air waves until further notice, according to the company. >> gretchen: okay. it's interesting because we live in this culture now in society, apparently it's in australia, too, and maybe around the world where everyone tries to outdo the other person, whether it's for ratings or whatever the case might be. and these prank calls have just sort of become normal, especially on these types of radio shows. when we heard it here last week, i mean -- >> steve: worst impersonations ever. >> gretchen: you heard these to most people onrking in the its face, it sounded like it could have been funny. only problem is, the humility that this nurse probably felt from being exposed, we don't know all the issues. but obviously she became well-known in her own country, not for a good reason.
5:08 am
>> brian: but from the -- they're usually brutal, but there was no malicious intent. seems like tragedy all the way around. but 7 minutes amp the thundershower. let's talk about what's going to be the number one topic in politics and in washington and it's going to affect everybody in this country who pays taxes because it's going to cost each family about $2,000. 22 days 'til we hit the fiscal cliff and some promising news, i think, is when we found out the speaker and president actually met yesterday to talk to each other and we don't know really what happened. we do know if you point to senator corker and coburn and now congressman cole, there seems to be a movement on the republican side. like it or not, to move up the rates on higher brackets from 35 to 39. >> gretchen: only if we get something in return. the way i'm reading this, some are saying maybe it is time for us, we don't like it, but good faith effort, we will agree to raise taxes, but only if the president and his team then
5:09 am
agrees to cut back on entitlement spending specifically. >> steve: and while neither side yesterday released any details of what the speaker and the president did talk about yesterday, perhaps when the president goes to michigan later today and does have a chat in front of cameras about the fiscal cliff, perhaps he will reveal some details to figure out where things are going, or at least the basic contours of it. it was very clear yesterday when erskine bowles, a democrat, and simpson were on "face the nation" q very clear where they're coming down on this. it is time to just put politics aside and fix it. here first, erskine bowles, the democrat. >> most important thing is if we're going to raise revenue and if we're going to raise it in any form, then we darn well better cut spending cause spending is the biggest part of this problem and the biggest part of our problem is the fact
5:10 am
that the health care is growing at a faster rate than gdp. >> when you have responsibility leaders saying, like this, i think it would help the democrats more if we go over the cliff, and then responsible republicans saying, i think it would help the republicans if we go off the cliff, and the administration saying, i think it would help the president if we go off the cliff, and as erskine says so beautifully, you know what that's like? that's like betting your country. there is something terribly bizarre and juvenile about that. to think your party comes ahead of your country. >> brian: it's true. >> gretchen: i think all americans should be upset. nobody did anything. those guys spent a heck of a lot of time, along with other people on the committee, trying to come up with a way to solve our nation's debt in 2010, folks. and for the most part, people just went, eh, yeah. okay. and they didn't do anything about it and look where we are now. >> brian: those people who say that the speaker of the house is going to own this recession if we go off the cliff, it's said nobody will remember the boehner
5:11 am
era. it might be one month the republican also get a betting, but in the end, the recession will belong to the president. >> steve: absolutely. we'll keep you posted. straight ahead, a law allowing our government to eavesdrop on your telephone calls set to expire this month. sound like a good thing? maybe not. peter johnson, jr. explains as he joins us next. >> gretchen: then you know her as the bad girl from beverly hills 90210, but shannen doherty just saved a fan's live. that story coming up.
5:12 am
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donate today. nespresso. where i never have to compromise on anything. ♪ where just one touch creates the perfect coffee. where every cappuccino and latte is only made with fresh milk. and where the staff is exceptionally friendly. ♪ nespresso. what else? >> steve: a law that allows the u.s. government to eavesdrop on american electronic communications like phone calls
5:15 am
and e-mail without a warrant is set to expire at the end of this month. the debate over whether to extend the act is heating up in the senate. here to weigh in is fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. >> good morning, steve. it's a fisa amendment act, known as the faa. it allows the federal government to eavesdrop on conversations between americans and people around the world without a warrant, only a certification what they're doing is legal. so no individualized warrant going to a court saying we want to eavesdrop on x. we want to look at e-mail. we want to hear cell phone calls. we want to hear land line calls. and what the federal government has the capacity to do and it all goes to a place in virginia, is look at entire in boxes of people that they suspect have connections to al-qaeda, other terrorist organizations, and so the aclu says, hands off. no more, stop doing this. there is a case in the united states supreme court and now the senate is looking to whether
5:16 am
extends this house said five years. it's necessary. >> steve: there are a couple of senators, and this is bipartisan, opposition to widen. oregon and utah. what is their opposition? >> they're saying, who is part of the so-called dragnet? who has been dragged? in what are the identities of these people? how many americans are ensnared in this that shouldn't be? the federal government says, we're not going to tell you who because this is all top secret, private. we won't even admit that we've done it at all except that we have the power to do it. and they go to a court every year and generally say, this is what we intend to do. and there are computer systems that pick up things about foreign powers, foreign intelligence, nuclear proliferation, al-qaeda, every name and unnamed terrorist group in the world, and they sift through it and they say, there is a lead here, can we stop a nuclear attack? can we stop the next 9-11? my view is, yeah, maybe it's fourth amendment breach for some
5:17 am
americans, but there is going to be greater fourth amendment breaches if we have another attack on our soil and our freedom is impinged even more. i say it's little enough. no one has proven any harm or any wrong as a result of any of this eavesdropping at all. >> steve: the question is, what is the larger risk? let's see what they say. peter, great to have you back. peter johnson was not here in the last week. a week ago today, his father, peter johnson, senior, there he is right there, died at the age of 91. and peter, you should be very proud because your father was a giant in a town of giants. >> thank you, steve. he was a marine at iwo jima, a police officer, he fought the mob control of the waterfront. he tried to reform democratic politics in the corrupt tam knee hall in new york city. i had the privilege of being his partner for 25 years. he raised an incredible family. he raised his adopted brothers and natural brothers and
5:18 am
sisters. he was the true american hero, the true hoe ratio algier. he always told me, tell truth. he said it, when you speak at my funeral, tell the truth. speak no lies. that's what i'll always take with us and my children will always take with us. he's an incredible example of truth and patriotism and willing to give your life. he was a marine above all and the other day, colonel north, who is going to be on here shortly, he talks not leaving any marine behind. he helped us insure they couldn't find the discharge papers that my father would be honored with taps and honor guard at his burial on friday. so thanks to the hundreds of people who have written me and all the fox friends and family here and roger ayles and steve doocy and brian and gretchen and all the people on the show who have been so supportive and so loving and we give tribute to him, my father, peter james,
5:19 am
johnson. >> steve: the words you spoke at the conclusion of the mass over at st. patrick's on friday were so moving and in attendance, to show you how much he was loved, not only surrounded by family and friends burks the current police commissioner of new york city, there is a new york mayor and there were two cardinals in attendance. >> cardinal dolan and egan who said a great homily. we're very blessed and blessed to have him, our whole lives. 91 years. we're celebrating the life. everyone has loss and our loss has been tempered by your love and thank you. >> steve: thank you, peter. all right. 19 minutes after the top of the hour. moving on, president obama's offer on the fiscal cliff cuts billions in defense spending. colonel oliver north says that will lead to disaster. he is here next. and tony hawk is here to show us a few new tricks, including one for all those parents out there whose kids will think are cool. i don't know if i'd do it in the
5:20 am
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5:23 am
>> gretchen: 23 minutes after the top of the hour. james holmes expected to appear in court today. this will be the first time we look at him since he was taken to the hospital for a head injury last month after reportedly trying to kill himself. holmes accused of killing 12 people in the july movie massacre. in about an hour, former new york city make ed koch expected to be released from new york
5:24 am
presbyterian medical center. he has been there a week with pneumonia and the flu. he'll how about in time for his 88th birthday on wednesday. all right, guys. >> steve: thanks. he's a world wide sports star and considered the most influential skateboarder in history. >> brian: you flatter him for a very good reason. tony hawk is merging famous skaters and skater friends of his with major music artists like paul mccartney? >> steve: something like that. >> brian: across the nation, all for a great cause. guess who is to my meet right playing the tall guy, tony hawk. welcome back. >> thank you very much. >> brian: we saw you out there skating. do you do a lot of skating like you used to? >> yeah, quite a bit actually. i do a lot of tours and exhibitions. i don't compete anymore because i can't follow the schedule. it's too hectic. >> brian: it's not that you're not good enough. >> i hope not. that's recent footage there. >> steve: one of the things i wondered about is once you wear those things out after you have fallen and bled on them so much, what happens to the old skate
5:25 am
boards? you found a great way to recycle them, kind of, but really you repurpose them. >> yeah. we have a new project for our foundation called boards and bands. basically we took used skate boards from prominent pro skaters and had them request a singer and song writer and then send it to those song writers -- moo inis signed by paul mc mcmccartney. we're building skate parks in low income areas. >> brian: so we can bid on this? >> yeah, there is one by bob dylan. one by ben harper, metallica. >> brian: you're looking to build skate parks, 'cause no one is building them in that area. >> right. and a lot of people skate there. skateboarding. other facilities most are choosing skates, to be honest. so we're trying to provide facilities for them.
5:26 am
>> steve: you sell them without the wheels. what if the deal breaker is, i got to have the wheels back on? >> we'll get you some wheels, no problem. >> brian: with the emergence of the x games, do you ever wish you were coming up right now? you were the 19-year-old kid? >> honestly, i love being one of the pioneers, so to speak, and seeing it all develop and it's so amazing to me now that i get to do it into my adult life. i'm thankful for that. so not really. i can't say i'm not benefitting. >> steve: sure, because rather than just being one of the guys who do things, you're the guy who kind of invented a bunch of stuff. >> and it's fun to see the new guys coming up and the counts available to them. >> brian: you say you get nervous when you watch your son skate? >> yeah, a little bit. but he has a good sense of mortality. >> brian: when was the last time you fell and you cried? is that one of the main things that happens when you first fall? >> i broke my pelvis. >> brian: did you cry? >> i probably cried somewhere
5:27 am
between breaking it and being put into the ambulance. >> brian: yeah! somewhere in between there. i just couldn't imagine it. but this is a great cause. giving back to your sport and getting celebrities involved. >> steve: if people would like more information, go to our web site later today. what's your web site? >> boards >> steve: very nice. thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. >> brian: great to see you. >> it was amazing. >> steve: whole bunch of people not only in the green room, we have a huge show straight ahead. take a look who is here. colonel oliver north is right there and then you've got, as you can see, olympian gabby douglas and the tall guy on the left, i can't put my finger on it. who is that guy? [ laughter ] >> brian: tell white house is who because i don't know. >> steve: it's the line - up for the final half hour.
5:28 am
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5:32 am
so clothes and tuxes, they might be overdressed. maybe. >> gretchen: all right. time to introduce brian now, over at the desk with somebody very important. >> brian: yes. last year congress and the white house backed military cuts and the new fiscal cliff counteroffer to president obama is hinting at billions more. $500 billion over the next ten years! in addition to the stuff they already cut. joining us now it expand this fox news contributor and author of "heros proved," colonel oliver north. he says this could be an unmitigated disaster for national security. as you travel around in the bus on the book tour, this has got to be bothering you more than anything else. this is your legacy. these are the people that you've covered and this is how prepared we are for a future conflict. >> just over the weekend we saw the rescue of an american doctor from colorado in afghanistan by a u.s. navy raid seal team. right? same guys i was with just a few weeks ago out in afghanistan working with afghan troops.
5:33 am
what you're about to see in this sequester are cuts that will make those operations impossible. benghazi. people were talking why didn't they react to benghazi? because there was no marine expedition in the area. that will become commonplace with sequester. one more carrier battle group won't be deployed. international missile defense for america won't happen. modernization of american nuclear weapons isn't going to happen. all those things that protect americans from the worst outcomes from people like the iranians and north koreans aren't going to happen and our ability to deter war with people like the chinese will diminish. that's what's coming. >> brian: army smaller than 1940, ships are at 230. while the chinese are building up at a sickening rate. on top of that, no more technology like laser technology to knock down missiles, keeping us safe from rogue regime. >> one of the reasons we're now
5:34 am
turning to contractors, we have almost as many contractors in afghanistan as we do military personnel. that's why i wrote this book. that's what this is about. what happens when you gut america's military and you have no ability to do anything outside of the continental united states except with contracts. >> brian: you were at the army-navy game saturday and navy won. >> finally. after 11 times. >> brian: you've been with great americans and great soldiers. where does this generation stack up with yours and the prior? >> there has never been a better military than the one we have today. it is brighter, better educated, trained, led, and equipped and bigger. you talk guys the size of shaq. >> brian: and the courage? >> every one of whom is a volunteer, they ought to be honors. they are heros proved. signed copies of the book still available before christmas at right on the side. >> brian: we can find out also when your next appearance will
5:35 am
be. >> i'll be on your show later to talk about it. >> brian: on kilmeade and friends. thank you very much. chaos this morning. 26 minutes before the top of the hour. let's go over to an esteemed female anchor with a male anchor to be named later. >> steve: merry marks ollie. >> gretchen: thanks. now today's headlines. it took many years for the murder of a 7-year-old girl to be brought it to justice. the man will be sentenced for the murder and death of a girl back in 1957. the case is one of america's oldest unsolved crimes. he had been dismissed as a suspect back when it happened. but was arrested last year again after the investigation was reopened. >> steve: a republican, a republican on the short list for secretary of defense under president obama. former nebraska senator chuck hagel is reportedly being considered to replace leon panetta. but hagel could present some challenges because he's not a typical republican when it comes
5:36 am
to foreign policy. before he left the senate in 2009, he opposed the iraq surge and traveled with then candidate obama on a trip to afghanistan and iraq as well. >> gretchen: 22-year-old woman in oregon jumped in her car and rode off after two kids tried to rob her at a church parking lot. she said she found out they were later 11 and 8 years old. >> i was afraid when i drove away, he would shoot my tire or window or something. i didn't think that i was very safe. >> gretchen: when the boys were later caught, turns out the gun was loaded. it's not known how they got it because of their age, they were turned over to their families. the case is expected to go through juvenile court. >> steve: it was game worth flipping over 6789 the giants crushed the saints. but stealing the spot line is runningback david wilson. looks how he celebrates each
5:37 am
touchdown. flip wilson, as he's called in the paper today. >> brian: how great was he yesterday? >> steve: fantastic. he set an all-time record with 327 total yards. this is sports. continue this. >> brian: yeah. so now that's who everyone is calling flip wilson. he set a record. this is a guy who fumbled on his first carry and didn't see the field for a few weeks. i think he'll see the field from now on. >> gretchen: there is somebody coming up who could teach him to do more flipping. >> brian: who? shaq? >> gretchen: gabby! >> brian: i totally forgot. >> gretchen: first american gymnast to win in how long the olympic gold medal in gymnastistics? >> gretchen: you won it most recently. >> yeah. >> gretchen: let's hear it for gabby. >> steve: first gymnast to win gold medal in team and all around at the olympics. look, she brought some of her hardware along with her. >> brian: right. one for gretchen, one for steve. thank you very much.
5:38 am
>> gretchen: do you normally travel with your gold medals? >> sometimes. >> gretchen: just to remind yourself of what you did over the summer? you wrote this book quickly after the olympics. you have not always had an easy upbringing? >> no, i had to overcome a lot of difficulties and circumstances and homeless and moving to iowa and injuries and all that. i wrote it. >> brian: it's amazing that someone could win two olympic gold medals and that be not the headline in your story. the headline of the story is you were sleeping in your car. the headline in the story is you were sick as a child and the thing is, you had to -- your mom had to overcome so much, even to get knew a gymnastic class, let alone be a gold medalist. how often do you think about what you've been through is at h a young age? >> it's amazing to think i accomplished my dreams. i went through lot, been homeless and going through a lot of financial problems. so it was not a very easy road.
5:39 am
it was very tough, but i would have to say it definitely made me stronger. >> steve: no kidding. you started training when you were six and then you moved from your family at age 14 -- from iowa to virginia. or other way around. >> yes inasmuch and you worked so hard, seven months before the olympics, you were thinking to yourself, i can't take it any^. >> no i could get a job where? >> at chick-fil-a. >> brian: you were going to quit? >> i was going to quit. >> brian: you told your mom, what was her reaction? >> she was heart broken and didn't want her daughter to come home as a quitter and say i wish i would have gone to the olympics. so she did the mom thing and said, stick with it. i mean, you're going to see this again. this is not forever. this is only temporary. so just stick with it. and know that if you don't make it to the olympics, then we can say we tried everything. >> gretchen: sounds like a wonderful parent with good advice and your brother also convinced you to stick it out. obviously it paid off for you in a big way and a lot of it had to do with your faith. you are a strong christian?
5:40 am
>> it was all worth it and my faith play has big role in my life. i don't know where i would be without it tonight. you see my lips moving, and that's me praying. >> brian: i don't know if you know, we have a huge history at fox friends friends with outstanding gymnasts and as great as you were, this other woman, who is that? mary lieu rotten, she felt she had to -- mary lou retton, at first she walked along the back of the couch. that was early on. and then she did this the last time to improve. you can see this picture of her coming up shortly. action. >> brian: in a pant suit. i wasn't there. >> gretchen: i wasn't there either. >> brian: look at that. >> gretchen: that was way back. >> brian: in a pant suit. >> gretchen: through plan -- you're so young still. what are you, 16? >> yes. >> gretchen: you're going to go to the next olympics? >> oh, yeah.
5:41 am
i'm definitely thinking of that. i'm excited about the whole thing, just attending two olympics and along my gymnastics road, like more world championships or international assignments. so it's going to be fun. >> steve: check out her new book "grace, gold and glory," poster included. we thank you very much for stopping by. >> thank you. >> brian: back to training in the spring. >> oh, yeah. >> brian: 20 minutes after -- >> steve: chick-fil-a can wait. >> brian: 20 minutes before the top of the hour. remember the controversial ground zero mosque that promised to be a community center for everyone? it turns out we may have been lied to. >> gretchen: the last few times shaquille o'neal joined us on "fox & friends," it hasn't gone well for brian. for some reason, the producers keep letting him back in. oh, my gosh. that was a good smack down. >> brian: because it's funny! >> gretchen: shaq here again. >> brian: i cannot believe he missed that pass.
5:42 am
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♪ [ male announcer ] campbell's green bean casserole. it's amazing what soup can do >> steve: quick monday morning headlines. the ground zero mosque was supposed to be a cultural center, remember? turns out it is now an empty space with no community programs at all. dozens of worshipers gather at the site for prayer services, but that's pretty much the only activity in that building. shannen doherty spring noose action for a fan after getting disturbing tweet. >> there is a girl that is threatening to shoot herself and she lives somewhere over there. >> steve: that is her alerting the authorities. cops went to the fan's house despite the threats, she was
5:46 am
fine. gretch? >> gretchen: thanks very much. just a year before our president's reelection victory, the rise of al-qaeda groups was not something that was discussed >> end of war in iraq reflects a larger transition. the tide of war is receding. the draw down in iraq allowed us to refocus our fight against al-qaeda and achieve major victories against its leadership. >> gretchen: now heading into the second term, the president making plans to expand military operations against al-qaeda throughout africa. our next guest says timing of the news comes as no surprise. why is the war on terror suddenly now spreading and back? columnist for the "new york post" michael goodwin joins me now. what do you make of it? >> look, the president showed the talk throughout the war, al-qaeda is on the run, osama bin laden is dead. over and over we heard that. turns out now the administration
5:47 am
has cited al-qaeda groups throughout africa is a serious threat, planning to ebbs up and down operations in a number of countries and going to congress to ask for wider authorization. they have said it could involve drones, it could involve boots on the ground. calling this, as i say, a national security threat. we heard none of this during the campaign. as i say, imagine if mitt romney said what's going on around the world, what are we doing in syria while the jihaddist groups are taking over syria? what are we doing in libya? now there are reportedly 19 countries -- >> gretchen: let's show the map. >> 19 countries where al-qaeda groups, affiliate groups are spreading throughout africa, in addition to morocco, sudan and for the administration to have said nothing about this during the campaign was really clearly by design. it was designed to show that the president had won the war on terror. >> gretchen: i think the line was, you know, osama bin laden is dead and al-qaeda is on the run. and then there was the
5:48 am
unfortunate situation of benghazi. >> right. which is another -- again, this is a terror group we now know and i think the administration knew all along, that this was a terrorist attack on the anniversary of 9-11. we have now learned that a lot of the weapons that we supposedly sent to the libyan opposition were hijacked and taken by the terrorist groups. you have terrorist groups in syria that are leading the charge against the government there. >> gretchen: but do you find it interesting that they're now focusing on terrorism because for the first four years really, even right before the campaign, they did not want to use the word terror. >> right. it was all very much i think a piece of the president's political view of it, that george bush had gone too far, that we had sort -- we had created a war against muslims and so he was going to be the anti-george bush in all things. which is fine, you're the new president, you're allowed to do that. but you can't create new facts that don't exist. and to say that the war on terror was over, that al-qaeda has been tweeted, look, i've
5:49 am
said many times as have others, that yes, bin laden is dead, but bin laden is and lives and this resurgence proves that. >> gretchen: thank you. brian, shaq? >> brian: thanks a lot. this guy is coming up shortly and we're going to be talking -- if i can get my ball back, he's got a great message about giving kids gifts on holidays. can i get my ball back? i got it. look at that. i'm too much for him. coming up next, martha mccallum, you know her, right? >> yeah. >> brian: why don't you toss to her and can her what's coming up? >> hi, martha. >> hi, shaq. >> brian: what you say is, what's coming up on your show. >> what's coming up on your show? >> well, i will tell you. thanks for asking. good morning, everybody. happy monday, good to see you. a lot coming up this morning. a navy seal was killed in an operation to save a u.s. doctor. we've got new information on that. and another tragic death in the
5:50 am
nfl. new detail there is as well today. and a bake sale gone bad. why two bakers are being brought up on assault charges. all that coming up when bill and i see you right here on "america's newsroom" at the top of the hour i knew it'd be tough on our retirement savings, especially in this economy. but with three kids, being home more really helped. man: so we went to fidelity. we talked about where we were and what we could do. we changed our plan and did something about our economy. now we know where to go for help if things change again. call or come in today to take control of your personal economy. get free one-on-one help from america's retirement leader. this reduced sodium soup says it mahelp lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just he to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans,
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that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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>> steve: shaq aclause is coming to town, teaming up with toys r us and toys for tots, fourth year in a row to give gifts to kids in need. this year he's even adding with his shaq santa sack for children affected by hurricane sandy. >> brian: look who is here, shaquille o'neal. welcome back for a great cause. >> how are you doing? hello. >> gretchen: hello. >> nice to see you again.
5:54 am
>> gretchen: thank you. >> brian: you grew up, it was all about giving back. you watched your dad in the army helping kids during the holiday season. you go to toys r us to do the same thing. >> i'm going onto world's greatest toy store. imagine this, the 16 million children living in poverty. it will be millions of kids waking up without toys. so toys r us, toys for tots, we try to do our part every year. this is actually my 20th year doing it. i wish i could take the credit. my mother who was the sole inventer of shaq aclause. she called me one morning and said, i need a list of toys. so i went, met a couple friends and racked up a couple friends and been doing it for 20 years. >> brian: you were doing it before you were pro? >> no n 1992. >> brian: just when you went pro? >> yes. the first ehave not was held in the orlando toy store. >> gretchen: this year is different because we've had so many kids displaced from hurricane sandy. so you'll help with that effort? >> yes. i'll help out local children and as a matter of fact, after i
5:55 am
leave here, i'm going there and stack 18 wheelers full of toys. >> brian: why do kids like you so much? kids are not afraid of you. they love you. >> i think they like me a lot because they kind of look at me and say i could do that. when i was coming up, i would see certain type of people and say, i don't think i'm really that good. they see i'm silly and likeable and see that i like to beat you up. >> gretchen: here we go! >> brian: good to be choked again. >> gretchen: before we started the segment, i said i don't know if i want to be in the middle of brian and shaq. 'cause i've seen what happens in the past. >> brian: i'm gog call up karim and go to camp and go at you one on one. >> that's not going to help you, trust me. >> brian: like i'm not just watching. i'm studying. >> steve: shaq, if brian were three to four feet taller, would he perhaps have something?
5:56 am
>> honestly yes, 'cause i like his heart and deny hasty -- tenacity. >> you're loving this! >> gretchen: or to keep it in theme with toys, he's like the weeble. >> brian: that's good. for example, what i've learned from watching you is not to get close. i have to sucker you in and float it up. >> steve: gretch, we should move. >> gretchen: yeah. >> steve: all right. >> gretchen: this isn't going to be pretty! >> steve: wait a minute. >> watch out, baby. >> steve: wait, i'm the hoop? this is not going to end well. >> gretchen: oh, my gosh. there goes our window. >> steve: you missed by that much. >> brian: i can't believe it. >> gretchen: fry again, brian. >> steve: so what time are you going shopping if people want to see you at toys r us?
5:57 am
>> i'm going will now. if you can't show up, i urge to you donate. again, 'cause remember, it will be millions of children this year will wake up without toys. we want everybody to get toys. >> brian: more fox friends friends in two minutes. >> more "fox & friends" in two minutes. >> brian: he knows um... uh... . . umm... uh... oh ! the windows phone 8x by htc on verizon. it features easy to navigate live tiles that are simple to customize. just pin what matters most right to your homescreen. exclusively with data sense-- a feature that makes the most of you plan. only on verizon.
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